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Damon on Radio 1: 25/1/99

Steve Lamaq (DJ): Damon, where are you?

Damon: Where am I? I’m in, er, Merser hotel in NYC, oh yeah!

S: You’re in New York.

D: I’m in, yeah

S: And whats the purpose of this visit then?

D: Just hanging out and talking to people, you know, just doing the buisness. Doing the buisness for good old Blighty.

S:Are you in the restaurant or something? Sounds like a clattering of plates

D: No, I’m next to a lift.

S: Oh. So what have you been up to since you’ve been out there?

D: Well, you know, doing what any self-respecting musician would do.

S: What, a little bit of promotion and talking to people, and stuff...

D: Actually, we’ve just come back from the Russian baths. Sitting with all the Mafiosi (?)

S: Have ya?

D: Yeah. You know, losens the joints up a bit.

S: Do you need your joints losening then?

D: Well, you know, a little steam every day helps, because we’re not getting any younger are we Steve?

S: Well that, thats true, yeah... thats true. How are the rest of the band as well, should ask after the rest of them.

D: Good, yeah, good.

S: Are they all out there with you?

D: Daves not, he’s doing some flying exams. I think he’s more intested in that than being in the band to be honest with you.

S: So he’s got his aeroplane and his computers.

D: Well, he hasnt just got his aeroplane, he’s like, to fly in an aeroplane wasn’t good enough for our Dave, so he’s now getting his commercial Boeing 747 license or something.

S: Crickey! And, er, what about Graham and Alex?

D: They’re here. They’re here. They’re not inside, but they’re definately around, I can feel them.

S: And is it quite good at the moment, hanging out as a gang again?

D: Yeah, I mean we’ve never really stopped doing that, you know. But, everyone feels pretty good asbout things at the moment.

S: So we’re playing the new single ‘Tender’ for the first time on the Evening Session on Thursday, and er, was it difficult, making a choice for first single?

D: Er, not really, it just felt like the right song to put out.

S: Because without giving to much away, its got almost a gospel feel to it.

D: Well it has. Its got a gospel choir on it.

S: But obviously, theres loads more going on in the song, but there kinda the gospel mood, but theres, they’re not gospel drums

D: No. No, its, it was two bits of plank. Graham and Dave playing at opposite sides of the studio, just these big wood planks.

S: You’re making this up now, arnt you?

D: No no, its true.

S: What, that its planks of wood instead of drums !?!

D: Yeah.

S: Yeah? Wow! So, er, what else do you plan to do while you’re out in the states, do you get people coming up to you going, ‘Its the bloke from the woo-hoo song!’

D: Well, we just heard today that we’re gonna be on the , er, he Simpsons, so thats nice.

S: You’re gonna be on The Simpsons?

D: Yeah.

S: What, as charictures?

D: Um, no no, just..

S: Music?

D: Just Song 2. They’re er, going to the Superbowl.

S: Song 2 is played as the teams come out or something.

D: Yeah. But I dont know, it just seems to me like The Simpsons is... I’ve always dreamed of being on The Simpsons. In some capacity.

S: You’re telling me that this is what you’ve been aspiring to in the last couple of years.

D: Yeah, absolutely.

S: Anything else? Now you’ve crossed this ambition?

D: Thats kinda enough for today. You know, one step at a time.

S: OK. Alright, well look, have a good time while you’re out in The States, and as I say, come in and talk to us when you get back.

D: I will, I will.

S: Alright, good man. Thankyou very much

D: Pleasure

S: Its Damon Albarn, on the phone, on Lamaq Live

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