NME: Dec 97

On the couch: Damon Albarn

Pick a song that describes you best.
"Its so difficult not to get horribly sentimental, isn't it? At the moment the song I relate to most is (The Jam's) 'That's Entertainment' It drags me into its epicenter.”

What is heaven?
“Being in an absolute balance between hedonism and simplicity. The two totally merging as one.”

"What is hell?
“No peace. The compIete absence of peace and balance. I'm determined to have a good balance. I want to smoke but at the same time, I want to run as far as I want without breaking down. That applies to every single thing in in my life”

Whats your earliest memory?
“This set of monks walking across a meadow at about 6am down on the Astor estate where my parents used to rent a little cottage in the early '70s. They were just floating on this mist.”

Whats your greatest fear?
Thats like hell isnt it. It s all related to that.”

Whos your all time hero?
"No one really encapsulates exactly what I consider a hero to be. There are moments when Elvis was doing his karate moves in Vegas and he was as big as a hero gets. As far as beauty is concerned, someone like Alexander McQueen. He was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. The most melancholic would have to be Ray Davies.”

Whats the biggest trouble you've ever been in?
"I haven't been in that much trouble. Emotionally I've been in fairly dire straits on occasion, but I've never broken the law that badly.”

Who was your first love?
"The first person I realised I couldn't exist without was Justine, really. To that point there'd never been anything in my life, apart from my family, that it seemed impossible to conceive losing."

What's your greatest talent?
"I over perform when I'm really pushed up against a wall. I'm completely lazy until I feel that the things I hold dear are threatened, then I turn into Superman."

Upon whom would you moat like to exact revenge, why and how?
"You only exact revenge by being able to forgive and love everyone."

What'a your most treasured possesion?
"My beads, definitely."

What have you moat regrettod dolog while drunk?
"Being promiscuous."

What can you cook?
"I plan to do a lot of cooking next year. My best thing used to be a a pepper and fish soup. I was good at pies and vegetable stews and things like that. Then ‘Parklife' happened and I had to sacrifice my burgeoning culinary career for pop stardom."

Whats the best piece ot advice you've ever received?
"Phil Daniels always gives me good advice. And there was something Nixon said when he was giving his resignation speech, but I can't remember what it was. It was the best piece of advice ever, and I can't remember it."

Can you read music?

If you were invisable for a day, what would you do?
“Like anyone, my head would think, 'Well, I'll go and check up on everyone in my life.' But I’d resist the temptation and I'd probably go and sit under a tree naked or something, knowing I wasn't going to get arrested."

What are your three final wishes?
"First, that the people I love were safe and happy. Second, I'd wish for more soul in my music. And third, I'd wish for all the blessings of all the spirits that are out there.”

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