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Popp í Reykjavík

Popp í Reykjavík

Popp í Reykjavík

Director: Agúst Jakobsson

Interviewer: "What did you see last night?"

Damon Albarn: "Well, how do you pronounce their name exactly? They had very good sunglasses, one of the rappers did."

I: "Quarashi."

D.A.: "Yeah, they were very good. What I've noticed about here (Iceland) is that, there are obviously fewer bands and they're a lot more stylistically focused. You know, there's one kind of those bands, one kind of those bands, and one kind of those bands. So in that sense, they're far more true to their umm...what they're going for, they really go for it. And that can be both good and bad."

I: "Would you say the scene is, like, underground, or commercial, or..."

D.A.: "Well, I think, it's far more underground than...Yeah it's...but by the amount of media people from England, it's not that underground anymore, is it?"

I: "So what do you think about gusgus?"

D.A.: "I like gusgus. What's interesting about them is that they've got their own genre, they've worked out something for themselves. So that's why they stand out."

I: "You had Botnlethja**** touring with you in the UK. What is it about them that you like?"

D.A.: "Yeah well, they're a really good band. They've got proper energy and they're sexy. All that stuff you really need. If they worked a bit harder, they would do really well, but they've got to spend more time outside of Iceland."

**** The 'th' replaces the Icelandic leter that looks like a 'd' with an 'x' on top (pronounced 'th').

The End.

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