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Damon on Radio 1 Breakfast show: 5/ 2/ 99

Zoe Ball (DJ) : Now all week on the breakfast show Tender has been our breakfast platter from Blur, lets say Good Morning Damon

Damon: (sleepily) Good Morning

Cheering and laughing from studio team

Z: Oh dear, we’ve gotten you out of bed, havnt we? I’m really sorry, its a bit early for people like yourselves, its a bit early for people like me.

D: Well, it doesnt have to be, but I’ve just got back from America, and its just, you know, its all a bit confused isnt it, what time you should be going to bed and what time you should be getting up

Z: You seem a lot... Its just I’ve been reading interviews with you and stuff like that, and with the new album coming out, it seems like you’ve gone through some hard times, and you’ve come out with something good, and you seem to have a smile on your face. Its either that or Chelsea being at the top of the league.

D: Well that obviously has a lot to do with it.

Laughing in background

Z: So the new album, 13, best work to date would you say? Are you really pleased with it?

D: I think so, I think so. I think we’ve sort of kind of surprised ourselves, which is nice, you know.

Z: Now you’ve said its quite a personal album, because of the thing you went through, which we wont talk about, but are you going to find it hard to listen back to it- because of those reasons?

D: Er, I dont know. I dont think you should listen to your own music too much really. You know, otherwise you miss all the other music thats out there.

Z: What else is around at the moment, because we’re all quite excited about music this year, obviously you’ve got stuff coming out, who are you listening to at the moment?

D: Who am I listening to at this very moment. A lot of Latin music, a lot of Salsa, I’m really into Salsa, thats my...

laughing in background

Z: Thats really good, a bit of passionate...

D: Its my ambition.

Z: Ah. Well what did you think of Alex’s Fat Les stuff by the way? Did it make you chortle?

D: Well the football one was sort of alright...

Z: Exceptable.

D: But the one for X-mas I thought was bloody rotten.

laughing in background

Z: Yeah, thats why we begged to appear in their video and then kept very quiet about it since. Are you looking forward to the Radio1 live gig?

D: I am looking forward to the Radio1 live gig.

Z: Because we havnt heard the album yet, so we cant say anything about it yet, because there is only one copy in existence.

D: Its hard to play, thats all I can say.

Z: Ah, he might be a bit nervous about it. Well thats on the 15th March, when the album is out as well, so good luck with that.

D: Thankyou very much

Z:And quickly also, you’rew doing something with Micheal Nyman aswell

D: Well thats where I’ve just come back from, the SunDance Festival.

Z: Right.

D: We did film score

Z: Is it all very? It sound stupid...

D: Its all very scary

Z: Scary. Is it very orchestral?

D: Well, its a Western about Cannibals

Z: Sounds great, its with Robert Carlyle isnt it? And Guy Pearce?

D: Yeah yeah. Well I was sitting in a hot tub with him.

Z:Were you?

D: Only this weekend.

Z: Lucky you. God, the life of Damon Albarn, its quite amazing. Well, I tell you what, look introduce it, its the last day of it being our record of the week this week, obviously its gonna be a huge hit, its bound to go to number one, this is Damon Albarn introducing his single, Tender:

D: This is, er, Tender, by Blur.

laughing in background

Z: Very good, thanks mate, look you can go back to sleep now, take care.


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