Dave Rowntree Chats With NME
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Dave Rowntree Chats With NME

Dave Rowntree Chats With NME

Dave Rowntree of Blur live on beeb.com

Nida asks: "Why did you guys choose "No Distance Left To Run" as the next single? Do you think it's too personal to be release as a single?"

Dave: "I don't know if it is going to be the next single."

Kelly Sparrow asks: "Is it true that you have ordered a recount of sales for "Coffee & TV" due to 40% of sales not being accounted for?"

Dave: "I dunno. To be honest I'm not particularly interested in the charts. People don't really buy singles these days. It was a story in the papers, but it's just a number. What really matters is the radio."

Jay McGinn asks: "Dave, do you ever visit any of the ridiculous amount of Blur fan websites? Do you miss not doing the official website?"

Dave: "I have seen some of the unofficial ones and they're quite good. The trouble with the official one is that everyone wants their input so you end up trying to please everyone. I don't think the official one is very good."

Pnin asks: "How would you characterize your musical progression in the last few years? Did you just get tired of the American "indie" scene?"

Dave: "I'm personally not particularly into the American indie scene. I think Graham was a few years ago. I don't really know how our music's progressing."

Gerard Duggan asks: "I heard you hated playing last year's Glastonbury. Why?"

Dave: "I never hate playing my drums. I hated trying to get on and off the site. It took us 9 hours. We were going to get a helicopter there but there was a police helicopter around and it wouldn't have worked."

Cecilia asks: "I'm from Montevideo - and I just want to know whether you think Alan White (from Oasis) is a good drummer."

Dave: "I do, and I've told him that. You don't have to be technically great to be a great drummer. I think in general people should ignore musicians when they're trying to learn music."

CraigKeller asks: "Critical reactions to '13' seem split - is it your belief that it will take more time - years perhaps - until the album is recognised as a landmark work?"

Dave: "I dunno. They're all landmarks for us. They may be albums for everyone else but to us it's what we do, so they're all landmarks. By this I don't mean that they've got a great message to say, but only that they mean something to us."

Philmensch asks: "Hi Dave: will there ever be a Dave-animated video clip for a Blur song?"

Dave: "I dunno. I've done various things. I've done some idents and stuff for MTV. My stuff - if I made it a Blur thing then it'd be linked to the band. I'm trying to do it for myself."

Linus asks: "can you tell us anything about the box-set you are releasing in September ?"

Dave: "Yes, I can tell you that it's going to be a 22 CD box set of singles. Every single we've ever released. I can't tell you any more yet, otherwise I'd upset the record company people. It's part of our 10th anniversary celebrations."

Oobergirl asks: "How do you feel about being dubbed the 'sensible' and 'quiet' one of Blur?"

Dave: "I'm sensible and quiet. Alex likes cheese. They're all stereotypes. I suppose if you'd have to reduce your entire existence to one paragraph those words wouldn't be in it."

Erika asks: "I heard that you don't like touring in the States. Is it true? I want to know when the next time is that you're coming back to the USA."

Dave: "This year, I think. We've had some bad tours in the States but they weren't all bad."

Jessica Abadie asks: "Do you sense a sort of falling out between the members of the band which may lead to Blur's breakup in the near future?"

Dave: "It's amazing how often you get asked that for 10 years. You can only deny things for so long. We will break up someday. We want to have a robot replica band that can continue when we finish."

Gargamel asks: "Dave, when are you moving back to Paris?"

Dave: "I used to live in Lille not Paris. I was young and on the dole in London so I moved to Lille. I moved back 'cos I wanted a bath - I was mostly living in a van."

Emike asks: "Have you ever considered the idea of coming on tour to Central-Eastern Europe (e.g. Hungary, Poland)?"

Dave: "We shot a video in Central Europe. I think it was Prague. We don't have any plans to tour at the moment."

Rosie asks: "Were things really as bad in '95 as the magazines are making out?"

Dave: "You should read the book if you think the stories in the magazine are bad."

Erinblur asks: "Dave, what period of Blur has been the best time for you, and why?"

Dave: "I think I know who you are Erinblur. I've never had it so good as now. I've really never had so much fun. No jokes. Everything is coming together at the moment. I didn't have a good childhood and the early days of the band were pretty tough so now we've got it all together it's great."

beeb.com says: "Just time for one more question..."

Anjerine asks: "Dave, how did you like New York when you were there on 30 March?"

Dave: "I love NYC - it's the only place in the world I could live in other than London."

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