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Dr Millenium: April 99

thriving on daredevilish risks

by dr millenium - thurs. 8 apr. 99

Transcribed by Aida

the nst millenium music mega-countdown this is a weekly column on the new straits times newspaper that salute the finest of music of the century as a countdown to the new millenium (hey, it's what they printed here)

blur is one of those rare bands that thrive on daredevilish risks &, amazingly, seem to get away with it, every time!

from the madchester of its debut, leisure ,up to the indie-electronica swagger of its latest offering 13, the band has evolved from the guitar-pop traditions of the kinks, the who & the stone roses to a whole new sound labelled as britpop, reinventing & refining the edges of the genre with every chance available.

the pick of the lot lies with its rhapsodic 1994 release ,'parklife', with 16 songs that touch on the the entire post-british invasion - encompassing punk,alternative-rock,disco,new wave,psychedelia & britpop - painting a vivid representation of british life in the mid-90s.

milipedes- the computer game sounds on the song 'jubilee' r from an electronic pocket keychain & the title 'lot 105' comes from the hammond organ albarn plays, bought for 150 pounds at an auction. - the album (parklife) won the band 4 brit awards & was inspired by the book london fields (martin amis)

m files: britpop, alternative-rock,club/dance

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