Graham Coxon Interviewed By Australian E! News
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Graham Coxon Interviewed By Australian E! News

Graham Coxon Interviewed By Australian E! News

Transcribed By Carla Jordan


Interviewer: [I missed the first few words] "…bravely reinvented. Dissatisfied with the trappings of pop stardom they have teamed up with hot shot producer William Orbit to experiment on this, their 6th and latest album, 13.

Although Damon Albarn has been the bands lead singer on hits such as Song 2 and Tender, the second single Coffee and TV sees the guitarist Graham Coxon step into the vocalist spot light along side a dancing inanimate object."


Interviewer guy: I love the dancing milk carton.

Graham: That was a little person in there…hes like…um, runs a company of little people who do these parts in various things, I think he was the leader of the ewoks in star wars…

Interviewer guy (over footage of Coffee and TV video): "Another celebrity power Blur have picked up recently is William Orbit who produced the album 13 straight after putting a little ray of light (gee funny isn't he) into Madonna's life. But the combination with Blur wasn't exactly a well oiled machine…"


Graham: …we usually work with Stephen where we have a pretty good idea what we're doing and we'd build a track up from drums, bass, guitars and a few keyboards, vocals…and on this one, musically anyway, we sort of started with putting everything we could at each song because we didn't really know what we were doing. I like the idea of sort of speed techno or deathno I'm calling it, like death metal techno.

Interviewer guy again: "It's a long way from brit pop to deathno. It seems Blur will do anything to escape that most bandied about musical cliché of the nineties."


Interviewer guy: Are you sick of hearing that word Britpop?

Graham: I hate that word Brit, and I hate that word pop, yeah they are two words I really hate. Put them together in a double shotgun…[mumble]…of despicability.

Interviewer guy: "After a decade of recording together its great to hear Blur stretching themselves, and they've been heading the summer festivals through Europe and are keen to get back to Australia to get some Big Day Out action."


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