WAAF Real Rock: Sept 1997

Q: Is this album a more pure form of blur?
Graham: Well, the pure form would be just acoustic songs I guess.....or just taking it on the road and not even recording it. I suppose...we were less fussy in the studio production-wise.

Q: Are you guys a garage band now?
Graham: It's kind of like that.......but the garage was just a bit more expensive....it had more expensive stuff in it (smiles) I suppose... About 1/3 of the stuff was written before we went into the studio and the rest was...bouncing off each other. I'm into that, I'm into improvising and I hope to do a lot more of that kind of thing.

Q: Did you like shooting the video for "Song 2"?
Graham: It was kind of like a disaster movie video ya know umm.....we were all struggling to play on......and you know it's kind of half corny really.... Ya, it's those harnesses though that you have to wear when your up flying in the air....that's a bit....not very nice really.... We just had to cut holes in our clothes so the wires could come out. .....And the "Beado" was kind of at zero for the rest of the week after being thrown around by your groin. ...Ya and we're the unofficially the "woo-hoo" band......so we're really nice...

Q: Why do people like "Song 2" so much?
Graham: It's an outburst ya know, it's...it's the most gratuitously......most gratuitous kind of rock statement anyone could ever make really, isn't it... It's a sudden (throws arm) dynamic change...(throws arm again) and it's like..someone shouting something. I mean it's that really what most people respond to.

Transcript courtesy of Colleen.
This is taken with kind permission from blurdate

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