Smash Hits Quotes and Blur Review: 11/2/97

Transcribed by Aida

blur-ting it out with damon albarn

smash hits -29 jan- 11 feb 97
blur blur blur! classic damon quotes '90-'96

'90 :

"i've always known i'm incredibly special,all my life. u know it's not a big deal"

"i wouldn't bother if i didn't think we were the best band in the universe"


" i 've known i was gonna be great since i was 11. people thought i was a complete big headed twat"

"we're a band who could completely & utterly change everything"

"i don't care if i snog girls or boys"


" we like to think we can do anything that anyone else can do"

"blur isn't a one album phenomenon, it's something that has to develop over 5 or 6 years"


"ultimately, i think we write better songs than everybody else"

"modern life is rubbish is the beginning of us having an idea of what we really wanted to do"


"they came to see us in manchester & were very pleasnt boys. very nice. i'd like to see that as a quote. oasis r very nice boys"

"we r good musicians. graham & dave r excellent, i'm pretty good .alex isn't really that good but he's getting better."

"i doubt u can say you've heard an album like parklife before, because i don't think u have."


"may the best band win.whatever happens we won't be talking to each other next week."

on the blur vs oasis chart battle:"on the great escape eveything is going to be darker.full stop. it's definitely the best thing we've ever done"


"it's all over now. we killed britpop, we chopped it up & put it under the patio."

"i no longer care about being famous. i don't have have to look at chart positions anymore. we don't need to be the biggest band on the planet, just the best"


" blur,it's like starting again,really. it's a new relationship"

that blur album with added weirdness rating by damon

1. beetlebum 5/10

the single-you'll know this one

damon:i'm not sure what a beetlebum is. it was just a word i sang when i played it to myself. i asked the others if i should change it,but they said no.

2. song 2 8/10

a thrashy,whoo-hoo filled, punky, 2 minute blast.

damon:this sounds like an early nirvana song,very simple sad ballad man 5/10

a slow, spaced-out track

damon:it's a little bit country. this album's all about what could happen to me

4.m.o.r. 6/10

blur sounding, but with odd backing vocals & squealing guitars

damon:this one's pretty wild & i think it speaks for itself

5.on your own 4/10

a pop song that rhymes psycho killer with gorilla

6. theme from retro 8/10

very weird,eerie,organ track with vocals but no audible lyrics.

damon:it's an intsrumental which is pretty wild're so great 6/10

graham takes lead vocals for the 1st time & sounds like he's singing down a telephone

8. death of a party 8/10

trip-hoppy,down beat with spooky lyrics. written 4 yrs ago

damon:i'm really proud of that

9.chinese bombs 10/10

pure noise! headache overload

10.i'm just a killer for your love 7/10

high-pitched,distorted vocal backed with circling guitars

damon:i wanted to sound more like our demos, all aobut freedom

11.look inside america 3/10

an acoustic introduction, orchestra backed,harmony filled gentler song.

damon: about our failure in america

12.strange news from another star 7/10

a moody track with gloomy vocals.

damon:it's a very sad song

13.movin' on 3/10

more familiar blur song. could have been on parklife

14.essex dogs 10/10

almost straight trip-hop. goes on for 8 minutes, minimal tune with vacuum cleaner noises

damon:the last thing i wanted to say about essex

15. bonus track 9/10

a spooky,repetitive ,guitar,bass & keyboard drone

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