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Mile End Report- Smash Hits: July 95

Evenin' Boys and Girls

... And with that the gig of the century kicked off! And King Of Indie, Mark Sutherland 'witnessed' it all...

Whats the score then?

The score is, without doubt, the biggest pop gig of the year: 17,000 screaming fans, six bands... and a lot of drizzle.

Not much of a day out then?

Au contraile. Somehow, everyones having so much fun, the dreadful weather doesnt matter. The day starts at at noon and Blur arnt on until 8.45 pm but there's plenty to keep everyone amused: going bonkers to Dodgy and The Boo Radleys, mobbing Jarvis Cocker... and a few of you even ask me for my autograph, you crazy kids.

The Big Entrance

Its not quite dark as Damon, ina blond wig and fake pot belly, stomps on like a loon while the band play a barmy waltz. A billion neon signs light up the sky. The Damon returns in his normal sports gear and its traight into Tracy Jacks. The crowd go instantly doolally.

The Best Bits

The whole concert is pretty fantastic, but its the hits, especially Girls and Boys, For Tomorrow and To The End that go down the best. Damon is on top form, chiruping away about how beautiful Canary Wharf looks at night. The others are more subdued, though Alex gets to sing a little song, Graham looks bewildered, and Dave is as ginger as ever. However, the sauciest moment arrives when Damon pulls up his top and rubs his nipples. A huge chorus of 'We love you Damon, we do' rings around the arena and damon looks very chuffed indeed.

The new songs

There's three of them. Globe Alone is a scary punk rock thrasher. Stereotypes is ace and tipped to be the next single. But the best one is Country House. Its a mad, infectious, pop romp and will definately be a huge hit when its released as a single later this year. Even more intriguingly, its introduced as being about 'neurotic pop stars' and contains the line 'Morning Glory, thats a different story' And whose next album is called Morning Glory? Oasis of course. Hmm.

The Encores

The lads dash off stage after a mere hour but before you even have time to think 'Swizz' they;re back on for another 45 minutes worth! Blimey! Then Phil Daniels comes on to sing Parklife as per usual. Finally, there's a gorgeous This is a low, and thats yer lot! All around there are sobbing girlies, and druken blokes shouting 'Lets all have a disco' It is indescribably ace!'

The Final Verdict

An absolutely fantastic day out- and a good old fashioned cockney knees-up to boot. If you were there, you'll remember it forever. And if you werent... you'll probably pretend you were anyway.

The Aftershow Party

Its held in a dodgy town-hall type place in Bethnal Green. There are 1,000 'mates' of Blur in attendance! Menswear and Dodgy are here, throughly sloshed. Martin from The Boo Radleys is moaning 'We were rubbish today'(he's lying) Jarvis Cocker is sozzled, and insisting everyone calls him Jarvie.

But where are Blur? Well damons in the foyer with his folks, giving his mum a kiss. Dave turns up with his missus and Grahams at the bar, wearing a huge anorak and shouting. Alex is keeping well hidden somewhere. The party finally packs up at 3.30am- but its not late enough for blur, who ead off to a nightclub to celebrate for just a bit longer. And who can blame them, its been a perfect day.

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